Master Plan


A unique factor of Buh-Rein Estate, as depicted in the master plan, is its wide offering of different housing options. The estate is perfect for first-time home owners, young up-and-coming professionals, retirees looking to scale down or individuals on the hunt for a sound investment.

Buh-Rein Estate incorporates modern design, practicality and affordability. This is achieved through easy access to all residents entering or leaving the estate, street routes and pathways to encourage walking, jogging and cycling. Angled and staggered roofs and facades, along with the overall architectural guidelines, increase the visual variety. All buildings are set sufficiently far back enough from the streets so you won’t have any unwanted noise from disturbing you.

Over 2000 indigenous trees are planted within and alongside the estate to promote health and relaxation. It is said that exposure to nature not only lifts your mood but also contributes to your physical well-being and relieves stress. All the plants at Buh-Rein are water-wise and are irrigated by means of treated effluent water from detention ponds that filter and transport storm water. These ponds not only serve a vital water drainage role, but it has also been landscaped for the enjoyment of residents and the local bird-life.