Moving into your new house can be exciting, invigorating or downright frightening. With surroundings, so much needs to be done to become familiar and comfortable with your new space. Here are a few hints to embed yourself into your new home.

Know the area

You’ve researched the schools, shopping centres and other amenities but now you need to study the area around you. The small things like which roads are busy at peak times, which stores are open that little bit later when you’re running late or when do the bin men come to collect rubbish bags. These are but a few of the considerations necessary to make yourself feel at home. Instead of panicking be proactive and seek information about your area and you’ll find you’ll become the king of your dominion in no time at all.

Meet the neighbours

It may be clichéd but a visit to the neighbours is a rite of passage when moving into a new house. It’s polite, you get to meet the people you live right next to and, if you’re really lucky, you may just find a friend or confidant. Furthermore when you go on holiday and need somebody to keep an eye on the property or water the plants your neighbour may be the best person to know. Making connections also ensures conversation about important matter; if there is a body corporate then attend meetings. You can’t make your voice heard if you don’t speak up. This is key to making your house a home so get ready for social engagement!

Start fresh with a spring clean

Old houses aren’t the only ones needing a clean when bought. New developments, while providing incredible quality, are plagued by the fine dust found in recently constructed sites. A good scrubbing will make your new counters gleam and your new taps shine. It doesn’t just affect your physical world as you will feel better about yourself and your home. A fresh start, a clean slate, whatever you want to call it is a recipe for success.

Start a new project

When given a blank canvas let wild your imagination. Want to try your hand at DIY projects then go ahead. Mason jar garden lights, distressing wooden furniture and mosaicking are small projects which can add character to your home and give you something to do on that weekend with no plans. If you can involve the family it is even better allowing you to bond over the making of your new home. If you are looking to change the external façade in anyway remember to check with your body corporate before diving in.

These little tasks can turn your dream house into your dream home so be proactive, prepare to get dirty and dive in. If you can’t wait to start a new life but you’re struggling to find an affordable home then MSP is for you. Several developments are available for you to peruse with incredible amenities and lovely surroundings to make the external match the internal. Consider them today if you’re looking for somewhere to call your own in South Africa’s Mother City.