List your Proprerty


Sell your Property

Why choose MSP to sell your property?
  • We and our agents are registered and complaint with the EAAB
  • We offer free valuations to ensure your price is market-related
  • We use professional photos and virtual tours to ensure web dominance*
  • We will sell your property within 60 days*
  • We have a database of qualified buyers that can be matched to your property and will receive a brochure introducing them to your property
  • Our Marketing Plan is one of the best in the industry
  • We use a powerful marketing portal which gives us web dominance
  • Our agents and administrative staff guide you through every step
  • You will receive a weekly update on all activity on your property
  • With your permission we may display a For Sale board on your property, which brings in the best leads
  • We arrange Show Days at your convenience
  • We arrange Open Hours during the week at your convenience
  • We negotiate with buyers so you receive the highest possible price
  • We act as an intermediary during negotiations once an offer is received, guiding you and the buyer through the legalities
  • We will ensure that the transfer of your property runs smoothly by supplying all relevant documentation timeously

Rent your Property

Why choose MSP to rent out your property?
  • We are members of TPN Credit Bereau
  • We have over 400 mandated properties under our care
  • We manage a portfolio of over R1 billion
  • We adhere to the CPA, NCA and Rental Housing Tribunal regulations
  • We ensure that we are fully compliant with all updates to laws governing the rental industry
  • We have a higher than 98% rental collection rate
  • We use cutting-edge property management software
  • We conduct an extensive tenant screening process
  • We have never lost a Rental Tribunal Case
  • We perform regular inspections
  • We facilitate all property maintenance and repairs
  • We provide monthly statements and SMS notifcations
  • We use a powerful marketing portal which gives us web dominance
  • We offer clients MSP Rental Protection
  • We offer once-off rental services and managed rental services
  • We partner with the best in the industry to ensure that we can manage any situation that presents itself

*Terms and conditions apply