Key Features / Estate Services

  • The estate will comprise 3068 opportunities and is registered as its own suburb
  • Buh-Rein Estate is built on 87.62 hectares of land
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  • buh-rein-estate-easy-access

    Easy Access

    Easy access to all residents entering or leaving the estate through a combination of public and private estate roads.

  • buh-rein-estate-street-distance

    Building Locations

    All buildings are set well back from the streets to eliminate any unwanted noise or hustle and bustle.

  • buh-rein-estate-management

    Estate Management

    The hi-tech Estate Management Centre houses a power and water usage services company, the security control room and the estate management company.

  • buh-rein-estate-security

    Multi-tier Security

    The estate is monitored 24/7 by a multi-tier security system from within the Estate Management Centre.

  • buh-rein-estate-bus-stop

    Shuttle and Bus Services

    The HG shuttle service and Golden Arrow busses run at set intervals during the course of the day.

  • buh-rein-estate-family-restaurant

    Family Restaurant

    Buh-Rein Estate sports a popular family restaurant, Bossa, and caters for the whole family.

  • buh-rein-estate-kids-play-area

    Kids Play Area

    The Kids’ Play Area next to the family restaurant will keep your kids entertained while you catch up with friends.

  • buh-rein-estate-swimming-pool

    Swimming Pool

    Next to the family restaurant is a swimming pool, where you can cool down on hot days or get the best exercise known to man.

  • buh-rein-estate-network-infrastructure-1

    High-speed Internet

    Buh-Rein Estate features high-speed internet to keep its residents connected at all times.

  • buh-rein-estate-multi-purpose-sports-field

    Multi-purpose Sports Field

    A full-sized sport field is also available for rugby and soccer games. An outdoor gym is also available to keep residents fit and healthy.

  • buh-rein-estate-jogging-trail

    Jogging / Cycling Trails

    Buh-Rein Estate encourages walking, jogging and cycling with pathways amounting to 4km throughout the estate.

  • buh-rein-estate-indigenous-plants

    Indigenous Plants

    Landscaping comprises over 2000 Indigenous trees: Species including Cape Ash and Waterberry create shady areas along the streets and in the park areas, while Yellowwoods are set to line adjacent Darwin Road.

  • buh-rein-estate-retention-pond

    Retention Ponds

    Central green corridor with walkways and 10 retention ponds, that filter and transport storm water, with cross-over bridges that have been landscaped for the enjoyment of residents – not to mention the local bird-life.

  • buh-rein-estate-water-wise

    All Plants are Water-wise

    All the plants at Buh-Rein are water-wise and are irrigated by means of treated effluent water. This adds another string to Buh-Rein’s bow as a “green estate”.

  • buh-rein-estate-pedestrian-path

    Paved Pedestrian Paths

    A well-lit, paved pedestrian path meanders around the outside of the ponds, making the area charming by day or night. Strollers are able to cross the ponds on timber bridges, placed at various crossing points.

  • buh-rein-estate-pet-friendly


    Buh-Rein Estate is pet-friendly and offers the perfect outdoor setting to take your pets for their daily walk. (apartments can house small dogs on special request from the HOA)

  • buh-rein-estate-pocket-parks

    Pocket Parks

    Over 20 pocket parks with children’s play equipment is scattered throughout the estate to encourage children to play outside.