Current Status


Buh-Rein Retirement Village

  • All civil services are in place.
  • Blocks 1 and 3’s roofs are 80% completed and have received their first coats of paint.
  • Block 2’s roof has been completed and has received its first coat of paint.
  • Boundary wall has been erected and is awaiting finishing touches.
  • The Construction team has started with the foundations of the Care Centre.
  • The Clubhouse’s roof has been completed and is receiving its first (external) and final (internal) coat of paint.

Sterling Grove

  • Building work is currently 80% completed with interior finishing (tiling, cupboards, etc.) following soon and thereafter the final internal finishing will occur within the next few months, ensuring these exquisite properties meets our highest standards and is ready for your enjoyment.

Blue Lily Lane

  • Phase 1 has progressed to 90% with only the last touches and landscaping to be implemented. Phase 2’s roofs are on and has received its first coat of paint. Phase 3 is progressing steadily with its roofs recently being constructed.


  • Civil services for Phase 1 is in place. Construction to commence shortly.